Album: Someday
Street Date: October 11, 2019
Label: Deer Head Records

Album: Czech Wishes
Street Date: March 31, 2019
Label: New Port Line Records 

Through performances of oft-overlooked compositions from the Great American Songbook, the Skip & Dan Wilkins Quartet offers its love letter to the historic Deer Head Inn of Pennsylvania, the oldest continuously running jazz club in the country.  Someday was recorded in December 2017 by Paul Wickliffe.  The stunning interplay of the ensemble and musical selections curated by Skip and Dan celebrate the classic sound of the saxophone quartets of years past.  Warm, dulcet melodies from Dan’s tenor adorn the harmonic invention emanating from Skip’s keys. Along with Skip and Dan is the stellar rhythm section of bassist Tony Marino and drummer Bill Goodwin.

The calm serenity offered by the quartet throughout the duration of Someday brings the listener into the spirit of the historic Deer Head Inn.  Skip Wilkins is no stranger to this prized Poconos institution, in fact, since 2012 the pianist has lived in the upstairs apartment in the Deer Head Inn’s original carriage house, and prior to that, the Inn served as a getaway for Wilkins and his family.  Both of his children, including Dan, who is featured on this release, enjoyed debut performances at the club. The accomplished personnel chosen by the resident pianist for Someday is perfectly suited for this exploration of the Great American Songbook, and for this dedication to the Deer Head Inn.  Drummer Bill Goodwin is a fellow resident at Deer Head Inn, and Skip seized this moment to record with his neighbor, along with his son Dan on tenor saxophone as well as long-time collaborator, bassist Tony Marino.

Someday begins with an effortless, beautiful rendition of Parker & Charles’ “We’ll Meet Again”, a bright-tempoed jubilant swing tune.  Father and son team Skip and Dan Wilkins perfectly complement each other’s sound. Skip says “It is a special delight to work on music with my son Dan.  You could say that we both have old souls. We both love the canon – the Great American Songbook. We often exchange favorite old songs as well as favorite versions.  I’ve written music for Dan that we’ve recorded on previous CD releases, keeping an ear out for what he does so well in writing those pieces. But this recording proceeded differently, because Dan and I selected the material together.  In my career I have been fortunate to play and record with many great saxophonists both in the U.S. and in Europe, even including two NEA Jazz Masters. But for some music, you just have to grow your own saxophonist.”

Demonstrating the scope of the ensemble, the quartet offers a laid-back Latin groove on Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields’ “Remind Me” which hearkens back to Page One era Joe Henderson.  Skip demonstrates his facility on the keys with a masterful improvisation on Kern’s classic changes.  Another sultry selection from this release is “If Somebody Comes Ever Again” by Alec Wilder and Johnny Mercer.  This tender ballad in a waltz feel features some of the more dynamic interplay on this album – Skip’s piano comping for bassist Tony Marino’s solo is a study in counterpoint, and drummer Bill Goodwin’s support and anticipation throughout Skip’s solo is a master class in rhythmic ingenuity.

Dan shines on the Freeman/Skylar composition “You’ll Always Be the One I Love” with a marvelous melodic exploration that reminds one of the tone and time-feel of Dexter Gordon, fitting for the melancholy musings of the piece.  The album ends with the group’s interpretation of Cole Porter’s “Dream Dancing”.  The track features burning solos from the father and son duo, ending Someday on a high.  With the final notes of this driving swing tune, one can’t help but be transported back to the feeling of a late Saturday night in the Poconos at the Deer Head Inn, the room abuzz with the afterglow of an amazing set of live music, the shouting of the bartender’s ‘last call’ and the applause of a delighted audience.


Inspired by Wilkins’ ten years of traveling, performing and teaching throughout the Czech Republic, Czech Wishes details the love story between an artist and the many wonderful people and experiences he has encountered throughout his years traveling through the enchanting villages and rolling countryside of the Czech Republic.  The album features Skip with his son Daniel Wilkins, a saxophonist with whom he frequently records, and three stellar Czech musicians in the vanguard of the jazz scene in Prague, including trumpeter Miroslav Hloucal, bassist Tomáš Baroš and drummer Marek Urbánek.  All pieces were composed by Skip, and recorded in Studio Svárov near Prague.

Skip and Daniel Wilkins have been collaborating musically since 2012 with the release of Father and Son.  During this time, Manhattan School of Music graduate Daniel has turned into a formidable bandleader and sideman in his own right, touring extensively throughout Europe and the United States.  The father and son duo have headlined festivals throughout Europe, performing original material penned by each of them. “Don’t Forget Me,” track six on Czech Wishes, gives the audience the opportunity to hear the two perform as a duo.  Regarding this recording, Skip remarks “This one stays in the family. It must.  My father has Alzheimer’s. The composition is thus inscribed: For my father, who will forget, and for my mother, who will remember, a lament of Alzheimer’s disease.”

A full-time professor at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, the theme of education runs throughout Skip’s album.  The first track, “Teacher,” is inspired by Skip’s Czech language teacher Dáša, Skip’s year-round connection to the region that he has grown to love.  The piece is dedicated to Dáša and “to all teachers who inspire their students to imagine much more.” The track offers a beautifully dynamic start to the album, beginning the album with a tender melody played by Daniel and accompanied by his father.  As the remaining trio of Czech instrumentalists enters the piece, it builds into a driving, hard-bop influenced melody section and then moves onto some dazzling solos by Miroslav and Skip.

On the album’s fourth track, “The Box-Checkers,” Skip playfully pokes fun at bureaucracy in contemporary American life, one which is “filled with incessant box-checking, arcane rules, labyrinthine procedures, and a kind of often unexamined group-think which drives me mad.” The final track on the album, “Wise One” is dedicated to a fellow musician and educator whose wisdom the artist finds unparalleled.  This bright tempo swing tune, which closes off the album, exemplifies the rhythm section’s stellar comping, and the stunning intonation and rhythmic precision of the horn section.  

Through compositions that detail Skip’s love for the Czech region, we get a very human story about an artist with an insatiable wanderlust, and deeply personal journeys embarked on with family and friends.

More About the Artist:

Skip Wilkins was born in Massachusetts and raised in a musical family. He became interested in jazz at an early age and found his way to the stage in kindergarten. He learned to love singing, played drums for years, but then focused on piano, which became his main instrument by his late teens. As he was coming up in Boston, he worked with drummers Joe Hunt and Bob Moses and with saxophonists Jimmy Mosher and John LaPorta.

For many years, Skip has maintained an active international career as a pianist, composer, vocalist, workshop presenter, jazz choral director and college professor.  He has fourteen CD releases, including multiple international recordings, and has enjoyed performances with a host of international luminaries throughout his career. He performed often with Phil Woods, and is a featured soloist on Phil’s final big band release New Celebration.  Wherever he has lived, he has performed with and collaborated with top stars whenever they came to town – Phil WoodsDavid LiebmanPlas JohnsonMark MurphyClark TerryDavid SánchezStanley TurrentineBobby WatsonBob DoroughConte CandoliPeter Erskine and Zuzana Lapčíková, among so many others.

Skip performs throughout Europe in a variety of ensembles, with regular tours to the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Greece and France.  He maintains a residence in Prague, Czech Republic, and another at Deer Head Inn. He is associate professor of Music at Lafayette College, where he teaches courses in music theory and jazz improvisation, and directs the Jazz Ensemble.

Beginning in 2011, the pianist took a sabbatical from teaching to begin a fifteen-month residency in the Czech Republic, composing and recording music for his album Czech Dreams, later released in 2013.  He took another sabbatical there in 2016, composing and recording material for his 2018 release Czech Wishes.

Saxophonist and composer Dan Wilkins is a graduate of Manhattan School of Music’s prestigious jazz program and has studied with some of the foremost educators in jazz including NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman, Caris Visentin-Liebman, Phil Markowitz, Steve Wilson, Rich Perry and Garry Dial. He has performed throughout the United States as well as internationally.  Wilkins musical voyage began early on, when his father first introduced him to the jazz tradition and legacy. Wilkins credits the luscious ballads of Stan Getz and Dexter Gordon for turning him on to the tenor saxophone.  Dan released his own debut album ‘Jnana Vijnana (Awake)’ in 2015 after first recording with his father Skip for the 2012 Steeplechase Lookout CD release ‘Father & Son’.

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For Someday

"The Poconos were never more alive than on this night! The musicianship on display was, in a word, sterling. I can’t wait to go back."
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José Ramón
"Un álbum hermoso." Read the full review here.



"These gentlemen have chosen their material wisely, and play it with exquisite taste." Read the full review here.


"While it’s delightfully old school, there’s no dust on it as these four pals  show just how adept they are at hitting all the right notes at all the right times.  One of the tastiest workouts you are going to find, you don’t even have to be sipping something to enjoy it to the max.​"  Read the full review here.

"These tunes are ideal for a romantic or simply relaxing dinner by the fire. Close your eyes and you can practically hear the wood crackle and the faint tinkling sounds of glasses toasting as you listen. This is authentic, tried and true jazz – the kind you can expect to hear on a visit to the historic Deer Head Inn. Put it on your bucket list." Read the full review here.

"Dan Wilkins has a smooth, intoxicating sound on tenor saxophone. Skip Wilkins is an amazingly competent and creative pianist. Together, with Tony Marino on bass and Bill Goodwin at the drum set, this is a thoroughly entertaining quartet." Read the full review here.

For Czech Wishes

"The title track is a relaxed work, with the rhythm evoking a springtime walk in Prague, inspiring joyous solos from Wilkins père and fils, as well as Baroš—all of whom must know this area well... Highly recommended."  Read the full review here.

"Pianist and composer Skip Wilkins mixes rich Eastern European themes with modern swing as he features tenor saxist Daniel Wilkins in a bopping band with Miroslav Hioucal/tp-fh, Tomas Baros/b and Marek Urbanek/dr." Read the full review here.

"This is an album full of bright, harmonic horn lines, fresh compositions and inspiring arrangements. All the musicians are skillful and their repertoire covers hard bop, blues, Ballads, and a blend of American and Czech jazz that captivates and entertains." Read the full review here.