Lilan Kane captures the soul of Aretha, the charm of Ella, and the sassiness of Etta. Her soulful compositions tell stories of love, loss, and self-discovery. She is a soulful artist who is not afraid to be raw, real, and vulnerable.

With the release of the full length Love, Myself album, Lilan Kane brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with addicting progressions, smooth soulful vocals, and hints of contemporary jazz, the record boasts the aesthetic of 1960's soul anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds it all together much like a concept album would. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single, "Separate Lives", is an instant smooth R&B classic. Complete with catchy choruses, and a bopping baseline, the track seems to breathe and build as it plays on. "The song is about a relationship that isn't working, but there is mutual respect and love, its really nobody's fault that it is coming to an end.  So it leads to a mutual separation to make way for healing and pursuing each person's individual growth. This single is a good reflection of the album by showcasing the contemporary sound influenced by old soul music. It's a pop song with elements of jazz and R&B, which is a pretty good overview for the musical style of the whole album," explains Kane of her single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Kane is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.  "Some of these songs were written a while ago.  The record took two years to record, so my sound was actually evolving during this whole recording process. I think my musical ideas matured and I was able to express my thoughts in the way I had hoped the y would turn out one day. The album is mainstream but still incorporates jazz chords, lyrics of love and loss, and catchy melodies.  I think most of my songs capture these three elements," says Kane of her album and songwriting process.

Based in Oakland CA, singer songwriter Lilan Kane was originally born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area growing up singing and playing piano. Since attending Berklee College of Music, she has been working as a professional musician and music educator for over eight years. Having built her skills singing jazz, soul, and funk, her debut album Love, Myself eloquently mends pop into the mixture bringing something new to the table.

Kane has already sold out Yoshi's Oakland has played the stages of legendary venues like The Whisky A Go Go, and The Great American Music Hall, and has recorded features for holiday commercials like Peet's Coffee.