London Jazz News Reviews “The Journey” by the Baylor Project”

February 17, 2017Reviews

by Peter Bacon, London Jazz News The Baylor Project is husband and wife team Marcus – former drummer with Yellowjackets – and Jean – a versatile soul-jazz singer who has sung guest vocals with, among others, Yellowjackets and Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life – she appeared with the band at last year’s Cheltenham Jazz Festival. The pair … Read More

The Baylor Project Talks New Album ‘The Journey,’ Marriage, Musical Roots, & More with Singer’s Room

February 15, 2017Reviews

by Dominique Carson, Singer’s Room The music industry can make room for another husband and wife duo, The Baylors (their professional name The Baylor Project). Jean Baylor is from 90’s R&B selling platinum group, Zhane and Marcus Baylor is an accomplished musician and drummer. Together, The Baylors released The Journey on February 10th, their self-produced … Read More

Soul Tracks Highly Recommends The Baylor Project’s “The Journey”

February 14, 2017Reviews

by L. Michael Gipson, Soul Tracks The Baylor Project – The Journey There are many kinds of journeys traveled over the 11 tracks of The Baylors’ The Journey, both explicit and implied. The most obvious is the project’s journey across a range of genres that Nicholas Payton calls Black American Music or BAM, from jazz … Read More

ZEALnyc Reviews Mark Whitfield’s “Grace”

February 14, 2017Reviews

by Denin Koch, ZEALnyc Review of guitarist Mark Whitfield’s new recording, Grace, which he will be celebrating for two nights, February 17-18, at The Django, Tribeca, NYC. Considering that Mark Whitfield began his career under the influence of Wynton Marsalis’s strict limitations on jazz, much of his work during the 1990s and 2000s is somewhat … Read More

Jazz Buzz Reviews The Baylor Project’s “The Journey”

February 10, 2017Reviews

by Vangelis Aragiannis, Jazz Buzz Οι πατεράδες και των δύο ήταν πάστορες και η εκκλησία έγινε το πρώτο τους σχολείο. Εκεί γνώρισαν τη μουσική, και από τα γκόσπελ πέρασαν στα μπλουζ, στη σόουλ, στην τζαζ. Ο Marcus Baylor έγινε παγκόσμια γνωστός ως μέλος για μια δεκαετία (από το 2000 μέχρι το 2010) των Yellowjackets, αλλά … Read More