Zach Brock & Phil Markowitz at National Sawdust, Brooklyn NY March 13!

March 7, 2016Event Announcement

“The debut recording by the Phil Markowitz/Zach Brock Quartet satisfies with it’s unclassifiable variety and spot­on playing… this band’s taste is fairly impeccable.” Downbeat Magazine Marth Redbone presents Zach Brock with special guest Phil Markowitz on Sunday, March 13 at 7:00 PM at National Sawdust, located at 80 N 6th Street, in Brooklyn, NY 11211. … Read More

Interview: Brandee Younger on Burning Ambulance

March 7, 2016Features

By Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance  Jazz has a new harpist: Brandee Younger. Following in the footsteps of Alice Coltrane and particularly Dorothy Ashby, she’s blending classical technique with an appreciation for—and creative use of—hip-hop, R&B and funk grooves. Her studio debut as a leader, Wax & Wane, is out now. (Get it from Amazon.) It features flautist … Read More

World Music Report Review in for Racha Fora’s ‘Racha S’Miles’

March 6, 2016Reviews

by Raul Da Gama, World Music Report Photo by Erin X. Smithers Hiroaki Honshuku’s connection with Miles Davis runs deep. The great trumpeter was an early follower of the influential musical system that George Russell suggested, Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organisation, reflected in his 1958 recording Milestones. Honshuku studied with Russell, delving into the Lydian … Read More

Jazz Views Reviews Chris Klaxton’s ‘Collage’

March 5, 2016Reviews

by Chris Barber, Jazz Views  Chris Klaxton: trumpet; Taylor O’Donnell: vocals; Mark Small: tenor sax; Kendall Moore: trombone; Mike Effenberger: rhodes; Tim Jago: guitar; Sam Weber: bass; Michael Piolet: drums; Moe Pope: rapping. The title of this collection is ‘Collage’, which implies a collection of musical styles and approaches. While the second and bonus tracks … Read More

Josh Shpak’s ‘ASTATIC’ Reviewed in Italy’s Suono Magazine

March 4, 2016Reviews

by Daniele Camerlengo, Suono Rough Translation: CHROME AESTHETICS The future is in their gestures and intentions of who knows how to listen. It fills the lungs, stimulates the audacity compositional and driving dynamics creative along an unknown path to many but that leads to a destination of sublime pleasure. The invigorating debut synthesizes a wisdom … Read More

Zane Rodulfo’s ‘Pathways’ Reviewed on Jazz Quad

March 4, 2016Reviews

By Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Какие следы ищет барабанщик и композитор Зани Родульфо в тропическом лесу? Они не видны на затерянной тропинке. Но зато они слышны – в музыке его первого EP Pathways – следы близких духу Зани мелодий и ритмов его родины, карибских островов Тринидад и Тобаго. Еще подростком он перебрался в США, учился … Read More

Jazz Quad Review for Chris Klaxton ‘Collage’

March 4, 2016Reviews

by Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Американскому трубачу Крису Клэкстону повезло с учителями. Уже обучаясь в Университете Нью-Хемпшира он познакомился со знаменитым Кларком Терри и стал на какой-то период его ассистентом и тур-менеджером. Впоследствии он много почерпнул и у других элитных трубачей мирового джаза – Дэйва Дугласа и, особенно, Теренса Блэнчарда, в комбо которого ему довелось … Read More

Collage by Chris Klaxton Reviewed by All About Jazz!

March 3, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

By James Nadal, All About Jazz With each release, the current crop of young lions demonstrate they have what it takes to come up with novel ideas, keeping the music renewed. Since his 2014 debut of “Starcode,”—a foray into cosmic jazz—trumpeter Chris Klaxtonhas remained perpetually engaged and appears not to slow down on Collage , … Read More

Zane Rodulfo’s ‘Pathways’ Reviewed by All About Jazz

March 3, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz If a record cover can be any indication of the content of the music it encases, then Pathways, by drummer/composerZane Rodulfo, has the perfect depiction. It shows Rodulfo walking along a well-worn rainforest trail, drumsticks in hand with a look of absolute confidence that he knows where he is … Read More

Smooth Jazz Vibes Praises Jackie Gage & Brandee Younger

March 2, 2016Features, Reviews

What We’re Listening To by Peter Boehi, Sooth Jazz Vibes  Jackie Gage – Siren Songs (2016) Singer Jackie Gage is a truly great discovery, her debut album is one of the very best albums to come my way in a long time. Jazzy, soulful, interesting, entertaining, original… I could go on. There is also a … Read More