Sharel Cassity and Rob Clearfield Reviewed in Dee Dee McNeil’s Musical Memoirs

March 5, 2018Reviews

by Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs SHAREL CASSITY & ELEKTRA – “EVOLVE” Relsha Music Sharel Cassity, saxophone/flute; Christie Dashiell, vocals; Ingrid Jensen, trumpet; Marcus Printup, trumpet; Freddie Hendrix, flugelhorn; Mark Whitfield, guitar; Miki Hayama, Rhodes/piano/synth; Richard Johnson, keyboard; Linda Oh, bass; Jonathan Barber &Lucianna Padmore, drums; Riza Printup, harp. Sharel Cassity has combined jazz genres, … Read More

Cancion A Quemarropa Features Emma Frank’s “Ocean Av”

March 3, 2018Music, Reviews

Hector Avileson, Cancion A Quemarropa La discográfica residente en la localidad de Brooklyn, Susan Records, anuncia la publicación, este 16 de febrero del presente año 2018, la salida al mercado del disco de la cantautora Emma Frank. Es el tercer álbum de estudio de la autora y tiene el título de Ocean Av. Muchos críticos han … Read More

World Music Report Reviews Samuel Pompeo Quinteto’s “Que Descaída”

March 2, 2018Features, Reviews

Raul da Gama, World Music Report Anyone who doubts that all modern music in the Americas came from the erstwhile “Americanised” African slaves who wrenched from their home country and all its graceful comforts, poured their hearts and souls out into what those in continental America called the Blues and those in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil called Choro Portuguese … Read More

WRTI Picks Guillermo Nojechowicz & El Eco’s “Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933” as Jazz Album of the Week

February 28, 2018Features, Radio/Podcasts, Reviews

Maureen Malloy, WRTI Jazz Album of the Week: A Latin Jazz-Infused Picture of Life in Buenos Aires in 1933 Week of February 26, 2018. Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933: El Eco With Guillermo Nojechowicz. In his latest album, Argentine-born drummer and composer Guillermo Nojechowicz creates an expansive soundscape inspired by his grandmother’s journey from Warsaw to Buenos Aires … Read More

Jazz Views Reviews Jared Hall’s “Hallways”

February 28, 2018Features, Reviews

Euan Dixon, Jazz Views Here is a fine debut by a young artist whose approach to performance and composition is steeped in the hard-bop tradition but not cowed or subdued by it; an artistic voice connecting the solid precedents of previous generations with the search for a new order of expressiveness and invention. Consequently, being … Read More

The Knockturnal Reviews Emma Frank’s Recent NYC Release Concert at Rockwood Music Hall

February 27, 2018Features, Reviews

Michelle DeLateur, The Knockturnal Emma Frank Celebrates Album Release At Rockwood Music Hall With Ocean Av, Emma Frank floats and never settles, just like New York Two hours before Emma Frank’s show and release party at Rockwood Music Hall, she narrated a Hudson sunset through song. Well, not literally; figuratively, as I streamed her most recent album, Ocean … Read More