REVIEW: Jazz Journal UK Reviews Meg Okura’s “Ima Ima”

August 7, 2018Features, Reviews

Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal UK Born in Tokyo in 1973, the American violinist Okura recently converted to Judaism: the album title Ima Ima apparently means “mum” in Hebrew and “now” in Japanese. Based in New York – and classically trained at The Juillard School – she has worked with Michael Brecker, Lee Konitz and Steve … Read More

NEW RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: Drummer and Composer Henry Conerway III Announces the Release of his Debut Album “With Pride For Dignity”

August 7, 2018Event Announcement, Special Announcement

Drummer and composer Henry Conerway III is proud to announce the September 4th release of his debut album With Pride For Dignity. Featuring pianist/composer Kenny Banks Jr. and bassist Kevin Smith, With Pride For Dignity is a compelling musical statement which serves as both an homage to the ancestors and a powerful self affirmation. The … Read More

REVIEW: Jazz Weekly Picks Gregory Generet & Richard Johson’s “2 Of A Kind” as its *Ringer of the Week*

August 6, 2018Features, Reviews

George Harris, Jazz Weekly Vocalist Gregory Generet co-leads a band with pianist Richard D. Johnson through a riveting collection of originals and standards. The team of Freddie Hendrix/tp (when is HIS next album coming out?), Jonathan Beshay/ts, Barry Step Henson/b and Henry Conerway III/dr sounds weaned on Horace Silver hard bop milk, as they provide … Read More

REVIEW: Musical Memoirs Reviews Geof Bradfield’s “Yes, and…Music for Nine Improvisers”

August 6, 2018Features, Reviews

Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs For this final review, I chose Geof Bradfield’s seventh album, as a leader, because his music obviously blossoms straight from the heart, like the title of this reviewer’s column. Using the supreme talents of several noteworthy midwestern musicians to explore and deliver eight of Bradfield’s original compositions, you will find … Read More

REVIEW: All About Jazz Reviews Geof Bradfield’s “Yes, And…Music For Nine Improvisers”

August 6, 2018Features, Reviews

Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz The Compass Players was a legendary theatrical ensemble in Chicago whose members developed several improvisational games to stimulate their creative instincts. One of these was called “Yes, and…” where one person would start telling a story and everyone who followed would have to continue the story however they wished from … Read More

REVIEW: Russia’s Jazz Quad Reviews Anthony Fung’s “Flashpoint”

August 6, 2018Features, Reviews

Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad Канадский барабанщик с азиатскими корнями Энтони Фанг родился в городе Ричмонд Хилл, Онтарио. Впервые за ударную установку он сел в десятилетнем возрасте, а джазовое образование получал на родине этой музыки, в таких престижных центрах, как Беркли и Институт джаза им. Телониуса Монка. У него были прекрасные учителя: Данило Перес в Беркли … Read More