Jazz Trail Reviews Don Braden & Joris Teepe’s “Conversations”

June 2, 2017Reviews

Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail Clearly sailing on the same waters, bassist Joris Teepe and saxophonist Don Braden, who first met in 1992 at a session in NYC and discovered many compatibilities in their musical processes, converse with prodigious fluency and articulated precision on their new album, Conversations. Following up the previous Pay As You Earn, … Read More

Chicago Reader Reviews Meridian Trio’s debut Album “Triangulum”

June 2, 2017Reviews

by Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader Alto saxophonist Nick Mazzarella is one the city’s most focused improvisers, a fervent student of jazz history and a staunch adherent of avant-garde tradition. He’s not a conceptualist. He likes form, function, and resolution, so at times he appears conventional within the context of Chicago’s shape-shifting jazz and improv scene. … Read More

Brandi Disterheft Talks “Blue Canvas” With Bass Player Magazine

May 31, 2017Features

Rick Suchow, Bass Player “My concept changes every few months,” says New York jazzer Brandi Disterheft on how she gets her big upright sound. “Sometimes I’m craving gut strings, other times low-action metal strings with a growly sustain. Sometimes the music calls for a hard-hitting aggressive attack, and other times, the opposite.” She brings the … Read More

Midwest Record Reviews Rotem Sivan’s “Antidote”

May 27, 2017Reviews

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Even international guitar masters get to experience heartbreak every so often like the rest of us. A suite written in reaction to his long time girl friend dumping him, this isn’t a satchel of bleeding heart, down tempo grooves, it often sounds more like a celebration. Right in the classic George … Read More