Zane Rodulfo’s ‘Pathways’ Reviewed by All About Jazz

March 3, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz If a record cover can be any indication of the content of the music it encases, then Pathways, by drummer/composerZane Rodulfo, has the perfect depiction. It shows Rodulfo walking along a well-worn rainforest trail, drumsticks in hand with a look of absolute confidence that he knows where he is … Read More

Smooth Jazz Vibes Praises Jackie Gage & Brandee Younger

March 2, 2016Features, Reviews

What We’re Listening To by Peter Boehi, Sooth Jazz Vibes  Jackie Gage – Siren Songs (2016) Singer Jackie Gage is a truly great discovery, her debut album is one of the very best albums to come my way in a long time. Jazzy, soulful, interesting, entertaining, original… I could go on. There is also a … Read More

Jazz Weekly Reviews The Dan Wilkins Ensemble ‘Jnana-Vijnana (Awake)’

February 28, 2016Reviews

by George Harris, Jazz Weekly The team of Dan Wilkins/ts, Mike Bono-Vaughn Stoffey/g, Dave Lantz-Kevin Bernstein/p-key, Daryl Johns/b, Patrick McGee/ss and Jimmy Macbride/dr focus on sounds and moods that are pastoral and for the most part genteel on a satisfyingly soft session. The one blip of “Unravelled” features a bit of cacophony and chaos, but … Read More

Beautiful spread in Jazziz for Josh Shpak’s debut ‘Astatic’

February 17, 2016Reviews

by Sascha Feinstein, Jazziz This debut by Josh Shpak, a trumpet and flugelhorn player who’s in his early 20s, seems longer than 33 minutes. Layered and evocative, Shpak’s arrangements of these six originals – five of them his own – guide his ensemble across varied terrain; this is anything but a classic blowing session. With … Read More

Jazz Quad reviews Brandee Younger’s ‘Wax & Wane’

February 13, 2016Reviews

Brandee Younger – Wax & Wane Арфа – инструмент древний, но сравнительно редко попадающий в эпицентр внимания публики – это касается как академической музыки, так и джаза. Арфу, по крайней мере в ее классическом варианте, считают преимущественно женским инструментом – и это справедливо как для академической музыки, так и для джаза. До сих пор репутация … Read More

CBC Music First Play: Brandee Younger, Wax and Wane

February 11, 2016Reviews, Special Announcement

First Play: Brandee Younger, Wax and Wane Article posted by Del F. Cowie in First Play Visit the stream here.  Brandee Younger Wax and Wane Stream until Feb. 19 Brandee Younger is an accomplished harpist who balances her classically trained background with an eye on contemporary music. This approach is borne out on Wax and … Read More

Smooth Jazz Daily Reviews ‘Racha S’Miles’

February 9, 2016Reviews

by Woodrow Wilkins, Smooth Jazz Daily Racha Fora is a merging of culture, Japanese improvisation with Brazilian rhythms. Those cultures dig into the database with Racha S’Miles: Racha Fora Tribute to Miles (2015), a celebration of the music of Miles Davis. The group is comprised of Hiroaki Honshuku, flute and EWI; Rikea Ikeda, violin; Mauricio … Read More