Jazz Buzz Reviews Mark Whitfield’s “Grace”

January 29, 2017Reviews

by Vangelis Aragiannis , Jazz Buzz Θυμάμαι τον Mark Whitfield από το ξεκίνημά του το 1990 με το “The Marksman” κι αμέσως μετά με το πολύ καλό “Patrice”. Και τα δυο από τη Warner, σε μια εποχή που οι μεγάλες εταιρίες αναζητούσαν επισταμένως τα επόμενα αστέρια της τζαζ, ανάμεσα στους αποφοίτους του Berklee. Με την … Read More

Midwest Record Reviews Hiromi Suda & Gianni Bianchini

January 29, 2017Reviews

by Chris Spector, Midwest Record GIANNI BIANCHINI/Type 1:  Calling his debut album “Type 1” to remind him that he has to kick his diabetes’ ass rather than the other way around, the piano man’s piano trio debut tackles a host of chestnuts but he makes the all modern rather than easy listening pretty music.  Not … Read More

Audiophile Audition Reviews Brandi Disterheft’s “Blue Canvas”

January 29, 2017Reviews

by Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition Guy Dixon, writing for Canada’s Globe & Mail on July 20,2009, offered the following headline: “It’s 3 AM, and a Canadian bassist is looking for her big break”.  The article went on to describe how Brandi Disterheft was attempting to break into the jazz scene in New York City, after … Read More

Hot House Highlights The Baylor Project & Mark Whitfield

January 28, 2017Reviews

by Stephanie Johnson, Hot House THE BAYLOR PROJECT: BLUE NOTE / FEBRUARY 13 With roots deep as their faith is strong, spouses Jean and Marcus Baylor are embarking on a musical exploration together. Their debut release as The Baylor Project, The Journey (Be A Light, 2017), marks the culmination of an extended partnership between uniquely … Read More

New York City Jazz Record Reviews Mark Whitfield’s “Grace”

January 28, 2017Reviews

by Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record Mark Whitfield’s career took off during the ‘90s as the guitarist found himself in demand as a leader and sideman. Since 2000, he has stayed busy though recording less frequently. His latest CD debuts a new band featuring his sons David and Mark, Jr. on keyboards and … Read More

Jazz Trail Reviews Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel’s “King of Xhosa”

January 27, 2017Reviews

by Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail A freeing intersection of cultures is used as a premise for Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel Quartet’s magnificent album, King of Xhosa. In this recording, Siegel, an experienced drummer, composer, and educator living in Woodstock, New York, welcomes the South African trumpeter Feya Faku and the percussionist Fred Barryhill as his personal … Read More

Marlbank Reviews Mark Whitfield’s Latest Release “Grace”

January 25, 2017Reviews

by Stephen Graham, Marlbank OK, it is here: release day of Grace (****). Mark Whitfield and the family band, mellow guitar, that impossible dream remains in the Benson stream, from Whitfield and his sons Davis and Mark Jr along with Yasushi Nakamura, on bass, vocals factored in thanks to the guitarist’s cousin Sy Smith the singer reminding me of another talent … Read More

Jazz Quad Reviews The Baylor Project’s “The Journey”

January 22, 2017Reviews

by Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad The Baylor Project – семейное «предприятие» вокалистки Джин Бейлор и ударника Маркуса Бейлора. Организовали они этот проект в 2013 году и впервые выступили вместе в известном нью-йоркском джазовом клубе Smoke. Вечер с The Baylor Project так понравился публике, что они остались домашним бэндом клуба на весь сезон. С тех пор … Read More

Jazz in Europe Reviews Mike Casey’s “The Sound of Surprise”

January 13, 2017Reviews

Sammy Stein, Jazz in Europe Mike Casey has been making waves in the jazz scene for some time now and his new album ‘ The Sound Of Surprise: Live at The Side Door’ is a gem. Recorded live in one of Mike’s favourite venues, in Connecticut, the CD captures the effervescence of Mike’s talent – … Read More