REVIEW: ‘Come Back’ by Emma Frank Reviewed by Suono

October 25, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By: Daniele Camerlengo, SUONO There are intimate moments in the depth of every human being, in those moments of solitude lie some moments of self-discovery, unveiling the points of beauty in all of us.  Those spaces of solitude are food for the creativity of Emma Frank. They represent the narrative thread of Come Back, the … Read More

FEATURE: Sumitra’s ‘Bittersweet’ Featured by India Abroad

October 20, 2019Features, Press Reel

By: Staff Writer, India Abroad Multidimensional artist Sumitra Nanjundan, known only by her first name, last month released “Bittersweet,” her fourth album, which includes seven of her original songs. Produced by her husband Alex Machacek, “Bittersweet” also features a song adapted from the corpus of Béla Bartók, and personalized interpretations of the American songbook standard … Read More

INTERVIEW: Matt Ulery Interviewed by Textura

October 20, 2019Interviews, Press Reel

By: Ron Schepper, Textura TEN QUESTIONS WITH MATT ULERY In his own way, Matt Ulery has had a transformative and catalyzing impact on the Chicago jazz scene. The bassist and composer has amassed an impressive discography over the past decade that reflects his command of multiple styles, from chamber jazz to small ensembles. He’s also … Read More

REVIEW: Matt Ulery’s Delicate Charms Reviewed by Textura

October 20, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By: Ron Schepper, Textura As a choice of album title (and band name), Delicate Charms is certainly credible, but perhaps an even better one for double bassist Matt Ulery’s latest would be the title of its third track: “Mellisonant,” whose meaning ‘pleasing to the ear’ succinctly summarizes the experience of listening to the recording. Issued on the … Read More

REVIEW: New Releases by T.K Blue, Kenyatta Beasley, Makar Kashitsyn and Roxy Coss Reviewed by Musical Memoirs

October 19, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

By: Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs T.K. BLUE – “THE RHYTHMS CONTINUE” JAJA Records Saxophonist T. K. Blue’s new suite is composed and dedicated to the memory of T.K.’s long-time bandleader, mentor and NEA Jazz Master, Dr. Randy Weston. Jazz composer and pianist, Randy Weston, passed away in September of 2018. Not only has T.K. Blue … Read More