The Baylor Project’s ‘The Journey’ Receives a 4-Star Review from All About Jazz

January 5, 2017Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz The African proverb, “The spirit will not descend without song,” is intrinsically intertwined within the African- American religious experience, and is a revered aphorism encompassing the music of Black America, in its many forms and variations. Jean (vocalist) and Marcus (drummer) Baylor, known collectively as The Baylor Project, have … Read More

Lupa Santiago Receives Four Stars on All About Jazz

September 8, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz The Brazilian jazz scene has undergone subtle but noticeable changes, as many Brazilian musicians continue to travel, tour, and study abroad, returning with applicable innovative ideas. Expanding beyond the customary bossa and samba boundaries, the music is encompassing global influences with impressive results. Guitarist Lupa Santiago is the embodiment … Read More

Scott Tixier Receives Four Stars on All About Jazz

August 17, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz If there is a French connection in contemporary jazz, it might arguably be the violin. Though the instruments role was explored by American pioneering ensembles, the French players added an innovative approach to improvisation, incorporating more of the European influence. Heralded as a violin trendsetter for the current generation, … Read More

All About Jazz Reviews Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions: Istanbul Underground

June 30, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz A secretive, renaissance saxophonist who travels in a multi-ethnic, trans-cultural dimension, Ilhan Ersahin embodies all aspects of the particular blend of cross-pollinated musical styles he produces. Started in 2002, his New York City club and record label Nublu, established his pioneering reputation, and he continues on a creative tear. … Read More

Jackie Gage Reviewed on All About Jazz (by James Nadal)

April 24, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz It is an era of difficult choices for young vocalists, but the ones that follow their heart are certainly the better for it.Jackie Gage is a determined singer who self-produced Siren Songs as a commitment toward her career in jazz. The production features a refined string quartet, augmenting the … Read More

Collage by Chris Klaxton Reviewed by All About Jazz!

March 3, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

By James Nadal, All About Jazz With each release, the current crop of young lions demonstrate they have what it takes to come up with novel ideas, keeping the music renewed. Since his 2014 debut of “Starcode,”—a foray into cosmic jazz—trumpeter Chris Klaxtonhas remained perpetually engaged and appears not to slow down on Collage , … Read More

Zane Rodulfo’s ‘Pathways’ Reviewed by All About Jazz

March 3, 2016Press Reel, Reviews

by James Nadal, All About Jazz If a record cover can be any indication of the content of the music it encases, then Pathways, by drummer/composerZane Rodulfo, has the perfect depiction. It shows Rodulfo walking along a well-worn rainforest trail, drumsticks in hand with a look of absolute confidence that he knows where he is … Read More