INTERVIEW: Robin McKelle In Soul and Jazz and Funk

January 28, 2020Interviews, Press Reel

By Bill B. Soul and Jazz and Funk Listeners to the more savvy soul and jazz stations over the Christmas period would have heard a new, gorgeous version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘The River’ from soul/jazz chanteuse ROBIN McKELLE. Not a Christmas song, per se, it does reference the festival and the sentiment, the sad tenderness … Read More

INTERVIEW: Matt Ulery on Point of Departure

December 9, 2019Interviews, Press Reel

By Troy Collins, Point of Departure Known for sweeping lyricism, expressive emotionalism, and unconventional structures, Chicago-based bassist, composer, and bandleader Matt Ulery has established a recognizable sound. Ulery’s music is informed by the entire spectrum of jazz, classical, rock, pop, and folk music from the Americas, the Balkans, and other European regions. For the past … Read More

Feature: Dot Time Records’ Legends series new release – Louis Armstrong Live in Europe by London Jazz News

November 21, 2019Features, Interviews, Press Reel

By Leah Williams, London Jazz News  Launched in 2015, the Dot Time Records Legends series has so far given the world a whole range of incredible, unreleased music from greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Ben Webster and Wolfgang Lackerschmid with Chet Baker. There have been four Louis Armstrong releases to date with the latest – … Read More

INTERVIEW: Willard Jenkins Talks to T.K. Blue

November 16, 2019Features, Interviews, Press Reel

by Willard Jenkins, Open Sky The joyous alto and saxophone and flute sound of T.K. Blue (aka Talib Kibwe) has been part of my consciousness for many moons. Before we even met his sound was a subliminal presence. The first time I actually encountered his passionate horns was an 80s era duo performance with Randy Weston at Sweet … Read More

NEXTBOP: Brian Lynch Interviewed by Sebastien Helary

November 15, 2019Features, Interviews, Press Reel

by Sebastien Helary, Nextbop At the very end of August, Grammy award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch announced the impromptu release of his latest creation, The Omni-American Book Club, a big band album inspired by over 18 works of literature, including volumes by W.E.B. DuBois, Ralph Ellison, Isabel Wilkerson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Levering Lewis, Eric Hobsbawm, Nell … Read More

INTERVIEW: Chicago Jazz Magazine

November 4, 2019Interviews, Press Reel

By: Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine Bassist Richie Goods previews his upcoming release “My Left Hand Man” a tribute to pianist Mulgrew Miller. Goods also previews his upcoming performance at Chicago’s Promontory on November 5th where he will be performing songs from the new recording and much more. Visit Richie’s website at for shows … Read More

INTERVIEW: Matt Ulery Interviewed by Textura

October 20, 2019Interviews, Press Reel

By: Ron Schepper, Textura TEN QUESTIONS WITH MATT ULERY In his own way, Matt Ulery has had a transformative and catalyzing impact on the Chicago jazz scene. The bassist and composer has amassed an impressive discography over the past decade that reflects his command of multiple styles, from chamber jazz to small ensembles. He’s also … Read More