Trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis presents “Full Circle” an incredible, lyrical album, due out on December 16, 2022 via Newvelle Records

The fourth release in Newvelle Records Renewal Series, Full Circle is a spellbinding portrait of a moment captured by an all star band, due out December 16, 2022 via Newvelle Records. Featuring all new original pieces and Noordhuis’ heart-breakingly lyrical tone and singular vision, Full Circle is a musical mark that surely stands the test of time. 

From the Liner Notes by Elan Mehler:  

“This band is irrepressible, a masterclass in tone, clarity and precision. Fred Hersch, Thomas Morgan, and Rudy Royston need little introduction, but it’s a revelation to hear them in this context. Nadje wrote most of the music with this particular ensemble in mind and it shows. The generosity of spirit and the effortlessness in Nadje’s playing and writing positively glows.”

“There’s a beyond-category beauty emanating from trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis’ Gullfoss. Recorded live at Musig im Pflegidach in Switzerland, inspired by the splendors of nature in their many forms, and showcasing the breathtaking work of an incomparable ensemble, it plays like a warm and inviting refuge for the ears and soul….With the arrival of the digital edition of Gullfoss, the most underappreciated gem of 2019 now holds status as the prettiest album to surface in 2021.” 

***** 5 STARS

— Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

““What can I say about Australian trumpeter, Nadje Noordhuis, that can explain the subliminal trance that her quintet provides on Gullfoss. If you can picture the cinematic orchestral jazz of Maria Schneider, coupled with the affect that the best ambient music brings, led by a beyond warm tone on both trumpet and flugelhorn, from Nadje, then you can begin to understand the power of Noordhuis’ vision.”

–Michael Ullman, Arts Fuse

Newvelle Records is proud to present The Renewal Collection, a limited edition four-album series affirming the resilience of music through the anguish and loss of the Covid-19 pandemic. The collection, Newvelle’s first series release in two years, features original compositions from incredible artists, recorded over five months and pressed on the highest quality 180-gram vinyl. Now available for preorder, the full collection ships September 15 and individual albums will be released monthly between September and December 2022 while supplies last.  Together, these records capture a wide range of musical reflections and celebrations on what it means to be jazz artists in this moment.

The Renewal Collection was recorded and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Marc Urselli at New York’s East Side Sound between November 2021 and March 2022, and mastered by Josh Bonati. The four records are pressed on 180-gram vinyl, using patented Groovecoated Stampers by Matt Earley of Gotta Groove Records, and stored in incredible gatefolds designed by Studio Mococo, the multi-award winning team that designed Newvelle’s New Orleans Collection and KIMBROUGH tribute album.  Given free rein to build the series in response to the music they heard, Mococo’s team designed covers featuring dramatic crops of stunning photography from the U.S. Library of Congress’s archives and timeless, yet unique typefaces. 

Recognized for “its distinctive, brand-coherent album art” and for offering “a throwback to jazz’s midcentury glories” by The New York Times, Newvelle Records was founded in 2015 with a fundamentally different model for creating and distributing music in the digital age. 

“Newvelle is arguably producing today’s best sounding new jazz recordings.”




1 Little Song (4:53)

2 Hudson (4:33)

3 Northern Star (3:28)

4 Entwine (6:31)

5 Full Circle (5:59)

6 Ventura (4:43)

7 Braidwood (5:52)

8 Nebula (3:03)

9 The Closer (Bonus Track) (4:22)



The Renewal Collection contains four gatefold, 180-gram vinyl albums and is available for preorder at for $250 plus shipping.  Full sets will start shipping September 15, Individual albums will be available for $75 in sequential order on September 15, October 14, November 11, and December 16. 


There Is A Dance (NV031)Elan Mehler (piano), featuring Tony Scherr (bass) and Francisco Mela (drums). September 15 2022

Combobulate (NV032) – Michael Blake (tenor and soprano saxophones, flute), featuring Steven Bernstein (trumpet), Clark Gayton (trombone), Bob Stewart (tuba), Marcus Rojas (tuba), and Allan Mednard (drums).  October 14 2022

Trust and Honesty (NV033) – Dave Liebman (soprano and tenor saxophones, flute), featuring Ben Monder (guitar) and John Hébert (bass). November 11 2022

Full Circle (NV034) – Nadje Noordhius (flugelhorn, trumpet), featuring Fred Hersch (piano), Thomas Morgan (bass), and Rudy Royston (drums). December 16 2022


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