Rainy Days Records Releases Digital Albums From Mikhail Maryshev and Makar Kashitsyn, due out January 14 and 21

Over the course of four years, the Saint Petersburg based label Rainy Days Records has amassed a warehouse of dynamic and evocative global jazz projects. With a reputation of introducing Russian jazz musicians to the international music landscape, Rainy Days continues to display stellar musicianship reflecting the vibrancy of today’s Russian jazz scene.

Coming just weeks after keyboardist Rachel Eckroth received a thrilling GRAMMY® Nomination in the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album category for her Rainy Days release The Garden (2021), the label is excited to showcase more of its innovative, creative outputs in the new year. New albums from up and coming pianist Mikhail Maryshev and New York-based alto saxophonist Makar Kashitsyn will inaugurate the 2022 Rainy Days roster.

Mikhail Maryshev’s EP, Live at JFC, is due out January 14. Maryshev’s adept piano playing is accompanied by  Nikolay Zatolochniy on bass and Artem Teklyuk on drums in this brilliant piano trio format

Mikhail Maryshev is an emerging star of the Russian jazz scene who has performed with Soweto Kinch, Zhenya Strigalev, Jamie Murray, Jesse Davis and Joe Farnsworth. The Mikhail Maryshev Trio recorded Live at JFC on June 9, 2021 at the JFC Jazz Club in Saint-Petersburg for the Rainy Hot Culture Days Jazz Fest. 

While discussing his musical journey and path to the piano in an interview with Hot Culture YouTube Channel, a frequent collaborator of Rainy Days, Maryshev admits that jazz was never a part of his career plan: “there was no certainty if I could make a living out of music, but It didn’t matter in the end. Jazz music took me into its whirlpool.”

Maryshev’s expressive musical performance and stunning piano technique create a harmonious jazz atmosphere on this inventive EP. Click here to stream Live at JFC.

Following Maryshev’s EP, Rainy Days will also release alto saxophonist Makar Kashitsyn’s new album Chilling at Makars on January 21. Featuring Kashitsyn on alto sax, Art Baden on tenor sax, Alexey Podymkin on piano, Makar Novikov on bass and Sasha Mashin on drums, Chilling at Makars was recorded at the bandleader’s home in Moscow.

Boasting the compositional achievements of saxophonists Kashitsyn and Baden, the friends and collaborators worked together to co-arrange the record. With technical assistance from Mashin who recorded, mixed and produced the album, the product is a highly original, conversational display of friendship 

Chilling at Makars takes an authentic inspiration from the intertwining of Kashitsyn’s social and musical lives. Moscow-born and now New York-based, Kashitsyn and his musician friends hone in on their shared love for creating music. The camaraderie manifested in each composition can be credited to the synergy between Kashitsyn and Baden. A sense of belonging seeps through the recording, underlining the idea that when mutual interests collide, a concentration of genius yields.

Influenced by his transition from life in Moscow to New York, Kashitsyn’s creative process involved being surrounded by people with similar ideas and attitudes. “It doesn’t matter who you are — you would always be welcome at Makar’s place if you have love for music in your heart,” the artist shares. Click here to stream Live at Makars.

For more information on Rainy Days and all upcoming releases, visit http://rainydaysrecords.ru/.

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