Allan Harris Set To Tour Critically Acclaimed New Album Kate’s Soulfood This Summer 

The acclaimed vocalist and guitarist will perform in New York, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia in July, plus Maine and Michigan in August; 

Tour Preview to take place in Maryland and Philadelphia in June 

Critically acclaimed soulful crooner Allan Harris will be bringing his hit album Kate’s Soulfood on the road this summer! As a recipient of a prestigious SouthArts Jazz Road touring grant, Harris will utilize these funds to take his Harlem-inspired studio recording down the East Coast. A collection of vignettes from his Sundays spent traveling from Brooklyn to Harlem as a child, Kate’s Soulfood is an expressive showcasing of Allan Harris’ proficiency in songwriting and love for a strong and lively community. Harris is thrilled to present this music to live audiences throughout the month of July, with additional dates in June and August. 

The tour will kick off with select preview performances in June. On June 4, Harris will perform at the Havre de Grace Jazz & Blues Fest in Maryland, directly followed by two nights at South Jazz Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA. The main leg of the tour will kick off from July 8-10 with five performances at the legendary Birdland Jazz Club in New York City with an expanded band, followed by a streamed event in Pompano Beach, FL on July 17 and an outdoor house party in Pittsburgh, PA on July 21. The following day, Harris will perform at the MCG Jazz Summer Series. Next up, Harris will travel to Virginia Beach, VA, where he will perform at Zeider’s American Dream Theater, followed by a hit at the Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines, North Carolina, and another house party in Hilton Head, South Carolina the following day. On July 29th, Harris will perform for WUCF Radio in Orlando Florida, followed by an intimate performance at Heidi’s Jazz Club located in Cocoa Beach. The July leg will end with a special performance on July 31st at South Miami Dade & Cultural Arts Center. On August 7th and 12th, Harris will perform at the Blue Llama in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Vinegar Hill Music Theater in Maine, respectively. 

Joining Harris is his long-standing, tight knit ensemble of contemporary musical greats including Arcoiris Sandoval on piano and keys, Marty Kenney on bass,  Norman Edwards on drums and saxophonist Irwin Hall.

Kate’s Soulfood is an homage to Harris’ Aunt Kate, who owned a luncheonette behind the Apollo Theater in Harlem called Kate’s Home Cooking. While visiting, Harris would witness parts of the Civil Rights Movement and relish the embrace of a vibrant musical community. In composing the music featured on Kate’s Soulfood, Harris drew from these moments, and in doing so, has produced a wide-ranging sonic tapestry of his beloved neighborhood. 

With the help of GRAMMY Award-winning producer Kamau Kenyatta, Harris’ 14th release as a leader was brought to life. The sounds and voices on Kate’s Soulfood have an infectious spirit synonymous with Harlem. Since it’s release on February 12, Kate’s Soulfood has been celebrated for the sensation that it is:

Kate’s Soulfood is a delicious taste of Harlem revisited, spiked soul sprinkled with a message to the people, Harris’ ballads dipped in his original smoky honey croon sauce and a searing anthem to keep the truth in sight.” – Ron Scott, Amsterdam News

“Begun before and completed during the coronavirus crisis, Allan Harris’ Kate’s Soulfood (Love Productions) celebrates the post-Renaissance Harlem of the guitarist/singer’s youth. These 10 tracks reverberate with gospel-infused inspiration.” – Suzanne Lorge, New York City Jazz Record

“Quarantine inspired wanderlust might be fine for some, but not for Allan Harris whose Kate’s Soulfood is a valentine to his beloved Harlem.” – John Chacona, Let’s Call This

With his commencing tour performance less than a month away, Harris is ready to share his powerful memories live, at what will be the first live performance for many concert-goers in over a year. As the world re-opens and live music resumes, Harris will be a revitalizing sonic force this summer. 

He shares his excitement on his upcoming tour: “Hallelujah is the term that describes what I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks! The road beckons to me once again and like a troubadour who’s been exiled to a foreign land I cannot wait to finally embrace and share those many smiles and hearts that have been awaiting my return. But I hope that my friends, fans and loved ones are prepared for the onslaught of music and joy that they will be receiving from me when I climb, no jump, back onto the stage. So to coin the title of that rousing tune by the Temptations, “Get Ready ‘Cause Here I Come”!” 

Jazz Road is a national initiative of South Arts, which is funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with additional support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. An artist-centric touring program that supports small tours for emerging and mid-career artists, Jazz Road grants promote deeper engagement between jazz musicians, presenters, and communities, often those located in areas traditionally underserved by the genre.


June 4 Havre de Grace Jazz & Blues Fest, MD Outdoors, spaced seating
June 5 & 6 South Jazz Kitchen, Philadelphia, PA Indoors, reduced capacity
July 8-10 Birdland Jazz Club, New York, NY Indoors, reduced capacity
July 17 Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Pompano Beach, FL Streaming event, limited audience
July 21 House Party – Pittsburgh, PA Outdoor house party
July 22 MCG Jazz Summer Series – Pittsburgh Playhouse – Highmark Theater Indoors
July 23 Zeider’s American Dream Theater, Virginia Beach, VA Reduced capacity seating (50%)
July 24 Sunrise Theater, Southern Pines, NC Indoors
July 25 House Party – Hilton Head, SC Outdoors, house party
July 29 WUCF Radio on air concert, Orlando On-air performance 
July 30 Heidi’s Jazz Club, Cocoa Beach, FL Indoors, reduced capacity Jazz club
July 31 South Miami Dade & Cultural Arts Center, FL Outdoors, spaced seating
August 7 Blue Llama, Ann Arbor, MI Indoors, reduced capacity Jazz club
August 12 Vinegar Hill Music Theater, ME Indoors, reduced capacity (50%)

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