Bassist Santi Debriano To Perform New Album Flash of the Spirit LIVE on June 13, 2021, Presented by Studio 111 Brooklyn

The live-stream event will be hosted by T.J. English at 2pm EST via Studio 111 Brooklyn

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Award-winning bassist Santi Debriano is set to perform his new album Flash of the Spirit on Sunday, June 13th at 2pm EST. The event will be livestreamed by Studio 111 Brooklyn and hosted by T.J. English, award-winning author and jazz aficionado. This past January, Debriano released Flash of the Spirit on Truth Revolution Records, a personal recording inspired by the artist’s life between worlds — his native country Panama, and America — and how he has become comfortable occupying both of these worlds at once. Tickets range from $10-$15, can be reserved here. 

Joining Debriano for this special performance is flutist Andrea Brachfeld, tenor saxophonist Craig Handy, alto saxophonist Justin Robinson, pianist Bill O’Connell and drummer Tommy Campbell.

While an ethnomusicology graduate student at Wesleyan University, Debriano read Robert Farris Thompson’s “Flash of the Spirit.” A Black-Panamanian American who’d grown up in New York City after his family emigrated from Panama when he was four, Debriano found Thompson’s book revelatory; it asked questions like: ‘To what extent have African traditions and customs been retained by contemporary Black cultures throughout the Americas?’ “That book describes my ancestral struggle to stay present in the many worlds I live in,” says Debriano, “but also to never forget where I came from.” The album is one of the “most played” on Jazz Radio in 2021 thus far and received four stars from All About Jazz, and other top tier jazz media outlets.

“Between the reimagined— and sometimes totally reinvented— takes on tunes from Kenny Barron, Kenny Dorham, and Ornette Coleman, as well Debriano’s solo bass take on a standard popularized by Billie Holiday, the temptation might be to overlook Flash of the Spirit’s original compositions; doing so would be a mistake.” It’s a danger easily avoided by starting at the beginning, where Debriano’s “Awesome Blues,” a percussive hip-shaker in seven, leads things off. Driven hard by Debriano’s indefatigable bottom and bookended by beautiful and precise unison playing on the tune’s theme by Robinson and Brachfeld—which calls for and, in turn, receives response from Debriano’s bass—it’s a blues that lives up to its lofty billing.” – Danilo Navas – LATINJAZZNET

For more information on Santi Debriano’s upcoming performance, including ticketing information, please follow this link here. For more details on the artist and Flash of the Spirit, check out Santi Debriano’s most recent interview with Occhi Darryl Yokley from Occhi Magazine here.


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