By Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here

This bold, powerful and compelling album slipped beneath the critics’ radar on its release a year ago but may be ripe for rediscovery since garnering two Grammy nominations this month. Self-released in March 2020, ONA has been nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album and for Best Improvised Jazz Solo, for Regina Carter’s two and a half minute violin solo, a melancholy, swirling dance for the lost, the fallen and the forgotten on the third track here, Pachamama. Read more here.

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  • Ms. Alexa I just heard your rendition of Just Take 5 on Sirius XM and to say I was blown away is the understatement of the year. I am almost 60 years old and what passes for quality musicianship these days is generally appalling. When I heard your rendition I immediately downloaded your albums and have been sharing them with all my friends as a true artist and extremely talented musician with an absolutely perfect ear for the tonality.

    I just want to know when you will be playing live in the NY area. Hopefully in the not to distant future as I and my girlfriend (who is VERY picky about her music and thought you were great) will, despite the fact that I’m an amputee, be there come rain or shine.

    BTW CONGRATS on your Grammy nominations!

    Larry Stack
    Ocean, NJ

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