With Lucia Cadotsch, Makar Novikov Quintet, Sasha Mashin Quartet, KID BE KID, Alina Engibaryan Trio, Andrew Krasilnikov Quartet


The contemporary jazz music festival led by two forefront European jazz labels Rainy Days & XJAZZ Berlin is happening online on October 30-31 in Saint-Petersburg and Berlin, supported by Goethe-Institut, and in the framework of the “Year of Germany in Russia 2020/21”.

The format of the event is a real-time stream between two cities, two countries — a sort of fightback against the challenges of nowadays situation around the world. Musicians of XJAZZ & Rainy Days and their friends will be alternately showcased on the stages of Emmauskirche in Berlin & The New Stage of Alexandrinskiy Theatre in Saint-Petersburg. In addition, there will be interactive, cross-media performances, which will enable an artistic exchange including collaboration between musicians and dancers, which, as we all know, is strongly discouraged under current conditions. This format addresses to the problem and is a proposal on how to deal with it.

Watch live stream concerts on YouTube / VK Live / Tricolor TV.


Lucia Cadotsch – Speak Low 2020
Lucia Cadotsch (vocals), Petter Eldh (b), Otis Sandsjö (s)

Makar Novikov Quintet:
Makar Novikov (b), Andrew Krasilnikov (ss, ts), Carlos Echavarria (s, tr), Mikhail Maryshev (Rhodes), Sasha Mashin (dr)
Sasha Mashin Quartet:
Dmitriy Mospan (ts), Makar Novikov (b), Mikhail Maryshev (Rhodes), Sasha Mashin (dr)

+ Interactive jam session between sets


Solo: grand piano, vocals, synthesizer, beatbox

Alina Engibaryan Trio:
Alina Engibaryan (vocals, Rhodes, Moog), Carlos Echavarria (s, tr), Fidel Alejandro (dr)
Andrew Krasilnikov Quartet:
Andrew Krasilnikov (ss, ts), Makar Novikov (b), Alexey Bekker (Rhodes), Sasha Mashin (dr)

+ Interactive jam session between sets

FB: https://fb.me/e/395WTwtad

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