REVIEW: Leslie Beukelman: Golden Daffodil – Textura

July 7, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By Ron Schepper, Textura Golden Daffodil is special for a number of reasons. It’s the first vocal-centred release from Matt Ulery’s Woolgathering Records, for one; more importantly, it flatters singer Leslie Beukelman immensely in presenting a thoroughly rewarding set of introspective originals and well-considered covers. As someone who’s contributed to Chicago’s thriving scene for more … Read More

REVIEW: Dave Pietro’s “Hypershere” The Arts Fuse

July 7, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By Michael Ullman, The Arts Fuse Alto saxophonist (primarily) Dave Pietro begins his new disc with one of his amusing, politically suggestive titles, “Kakistocracy.” He writes in the album notes: “I wrote the first tune on this CD, “Kakistocracy,” while contemplating the social structures that we have to live under, particularly our government (and the … Read More

REVIEW: Chicago Yestet: Not There Yet – Jazz Weekly

July 7, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

By George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly Big and bold sounds are delivered by the horns of Nick Mazarella/as, Chris Madsen-Geof Bradfield/ts, Chuck Parrish-Russ Johnson/tp, Tom Garling-Joel Adams and the rhythm team of Mike Allemana/g, Stu Mindeman/p, Clark Sommers/b and Xavier Breaker/dr along with some guest vocals on this confident collection of (mostly) originals. Read the … Read More

REVIEW: O’s Place Jazz Newsletter Reviews Multiple LLP Artists!

July 6, 2020Press Reel, Reviews

Pacific Mambo Orchestra – ‘The III Side‘ The Caribbean, festive beats are plentiful, anchoring a refined big band up front! Lyrics come from Braulio Barrera, Christelle Durandy and Armando Cordoba on 5 of the 9 selections. There are excellent covers, notably fresh arrangements of “Through The Fire”, “A Night in Tunisia” and “Birks Works”. Jon … Read More