Circle 9 is a hybrid, subscriber-supported independent record label and music production service

Grammy® Winning Producer, Composer, Trombonist, and Arranger Doug Beavers is thrilled to present Circle 9. Based in New York City, Circle 9 is a hybrid, subscriber-supported independent record label and full music production service offering end-to-end music creation including mixing and mastering, composition and arrangement, and music production by Grammy® award winning composers, producers and engineers.

Circle 9 is the evolution of creating, producing, branding and distributing music that matters to the world. Under the direction of Beavers, Circle 9’s family of respected professionals are ready to embrace ingenuity and deliver it all over the world.

Agile, innovative, and attentive, Circle 9 will help define an artists’ sound, refine their stories, help to establish an audience, and help to shape the narratives that embrace a wide range of genres. Circle 9’s approach towards editing, mixing, and mastering, is artist-centered, collaborative, and with a unique ear towards producing music for today’s digital marketplace.

Offering a complete end-to-end full music production process, Circle 9 is a new hybrid record label. Their innovative profit-sharing, subscriber, and content distribution models support a growing community of artists dedicated to thriving in these unprecedented times. In the studio, online, live, and especially in the ears and hearts of fans, Circle 9 exists to build a foundation that allows artists to do what they love most.

“I’m really looking forward to starting this new chapter of my professional life with Circle 9.  I look forward to working with this brilliant community and can’t wait for the world to see what we’re working on,” said Beavers.

Circle 9 looks forward to introducing an array of dynamic projects in 2021. Beavers will release Sol in April, followed by releases by Grammy® Winning vocalist Carlos Cascante, salsa legend Johnny “Dandy” Rodriguez, and the fan-favorite Yellow House Orchestra. 

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  • Hi Doug

    Congratulations on your record label. You look wonderful in the video! Hope it is a huge success!


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