by Connor Ratliff, Rolling Stone

TITLE: Yes! A mash-up title that would only work for these two artists — or two artists with similar sounds in their names.

COVER ART: A classic Xmas-y design, and a pic of Martina and Dan looking like they’re having fun. It’s cute.

LISTENING: Jazzy and classy and sparse but warm. This record does pretty much all of the things I’d ask of a 2019 Xmas album: It gets a little bit adventurous with the song selection, and with the arrangements when they absolutely feel compelled to record a more familiar yuletide classic. By the time they get around to a cover of “My Favorite Things” — that sounds a little bit like they are covering it for a James Bond movie — I am hitting click to toss the whole record onto my playlist for the year.

VERDICT: It’s a low-key record, but the good news is that, by this point, an album like this might be a little too relaxing, but that is easier to take than a more high-energy affair. It’s a good “after hours” Xmas album for a time when the holiday gathering is starting to wind down a bit and maybe the lights are starting to dim.

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