by Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

Vocalist Martina DaSilva and double bassist Dan Chmielinski have adopted the name “ChimyTina” for their duet project. The focus is on voice and bass, but they welcome some of their closest friends and mentors as guests, including saxophonist Lucas Pino, vibraphonist Joel Ross, bassist Ben Wolfe and guitarist Gabe Schnider .

DaSilva harmonizes with herself on “Greensleeves” to open the set. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” becomes a trio with Pino’s saxophone. “The Christmas Song” is the core group again, this time with Chmielinsi adding a second bass part. “Last Christmas” finally gives us the duo, making it clear that they could have pulled off the whole program that way. The original “Diamonds and Pearls” has guitar assistance, and vibes make their appearance on “My Favorite Things,” as well as on the closer “When You Wish Upon A Star.”

This is a charming album. Rarely are these songs given such a light touch: it makes them fresh, and shows the performers in a good light.

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