by Mike Jurkovic, All About Jazz

Coming on the heels of 2019’s outstanding trio outing Wonderment (Woolgathering Records) with violinist Zach Brock and drummer Jon DeitemyerDelicate Charms is a four and a half star recording if ever one was. And it begins with a classical air, an almost chambered hush into which rush those last minute arrivals, each their own player in the “Coping” suite that emblematically ushers in bassist Matt Ulery‘s particularly distinctive work. Equal parts Charles Mingus (“Taciturn”), Paul Chambers, (his sense of place within ensemble expands equatorially with each recording) and Debussy, (harmony as melody and vice versa), Ulery manifests all his best in “Coping,” a thirteen minute sleigh ride of near epic proportions, and each player damn well knows it.

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