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Six years after her amazing debut (Motifs, Dot Time 2013) the young Italian singer from Molise presents herself with a high-level international production, shared with pianist Kevin Hays and full of prestigious guests. Following the advice of Quincy Jones, Chiara Izzi has lived in New York for five years, has performed in the best venues and has been able to impose herself in that competitive climate, impressing audiences and critics. Praising that first work in this magazine we noticed a growth in the execution of the ballads and we are pleased to see that time has not elapsed in vain. Now Izzi shows that she knows how to face a path of almost all ballads with mature, persuasive interpretations and refined chromatic variety. The songs highlight a strong melodic appeal, which sometimes flows into pop, with the exception of the dancing “Verso Il Mare”, the composition of Rosario Bonaccorso that Chiara provided with lyrics and the Davisian “Tierna Nardis”, an intense interpretation of the singer with strong Eastern colors, also for Omer Avital’s contribution on the oud. Many songs are sung with Kevin Hays, who for some time shows that he is also an excellent vocalist. The musical balances are perfect, between the romantic singing parts and the bright solos of the guests: in particular Chris Potter on tenor sax (in “Secret O’ Life”) and soprano (in “Viaggio Elegiaco”) and again Grégoire Maret on harmonica and Nir Felder on guitars. For Chiara Izzi Across the Sea is a step forward in the professional career and beautiful shared record but let us remember her rhythmic verve, vocal acrobatics and jazz talent, which we expect to hear on other occasions.
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