Approaching the busiest time of year for releases, that is between now, with the odd lull or two and mid-November, which is a perfect time to check out new stuff and as the autumn progresses a chance to be mindful of some of the best reissues and archive releases around, listen to a track of the day: the Jackie/Dollie McLean homage ‘Three Points and a Sphere’ by the Curtis Brothers from their upcoming Truth Revolution Records quintet album, Algorithm.

Zaccai on piano with brother Luques, who plays double bass, plus drummer Ralph Peterson complete the rhythm section, and have Donald Harrison on alto saxophone and perennial hard bop connoisseur’s choice Brian Lynch on trumpet in the front line. I remember hearing alto great Jackie McLean (1931-2006) live at the Union Chapel in Islington back in the 1990s. Impressions that time remain vivid: ‘Three Points… Sphere’ resounds and conjures the essence.

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