By: Alain Brunet, La Presse

Love, desire, loss, commitment, doubt … these primary colors of the soul are evoked through these eight original songs, a cover of Wilco singer Jeff Tweedy. It should also be noted that “Dream Team” and “Lilac” were composed by trumpet player Simon Millerd and pianist Aaron Parks respectively, the string arrangements in the program are by Dominik Mekky. This being formulated, most of the work is a conception of Emma Frank, the songwriting work was co-directed with the arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist (guitars and keyboards) Franky Rousseau.

The musicians involved here testify to this vibrant connection between New York jazzmen and Montrealers: Aaron Parks, piano, Tommy Crane, drums, Zach Lober, bass, Simon Millerd (trumpet), Chick-Fan (violin and viola), Pedro Borquinha ( guitar, drums, synths).   Once again, Emma Frank’s avant-folks stand out for their soft voice, harmonic choices that are way above the average folks, and also for the exceptional quality of the performers. On stage on October 9 at Résonance Café.

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