By: Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

This is a duo recording in the true sense because the only sounds on this disc come from the trombone and voice of Natalie Cressman and the guitar and voice of Ian Faquini. The resulting blend carries a powerful intimacy in the sound of their harmonized voices sailing over supple acoustic guitar and the occasional blast of smooth, pumping trombone. Some tracks are swooningly languid and romantic but there are also edgier, faster-paced songs like the samba “Mandinguera” and the dramatic “Tere” where the two voices twist around each other with urgency.

Most of the singing is in Portuguese but Cressman also sings in French on the achingly lovely “L’Aube” and English on “Setting Rays Of Summer” and “My Heart Again Will Rise.” Faquini sings the lead on “Debandada” backed by Cressman multi-tracked into an angelic choir. Their instrumental interplay has its own charms, demonstrated on “My Heart” and the instrumental “Museu Nacional” where Cressman’s trombone blows sad melodies with sensitive guitar support. This CD conveys a quiet, understated closeness that is really touching.

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