George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Pianist Josean Jacobo creates sizzling Afro Cuban sounds in trio and small group settings with Otoniel Nicolas/dr, Daroli Mende/b, Mois Silfa/perc, Jonathan Suazo/as and Rafael Suncar/ts. The three member format creates ripples on classic moods like “Aunque Me Cueste La Vida” as well as the more modern and modal “Lonnie’s Lament” while Jacobo goes full fisted on with Nicoals on the assertive “Guloya.”

With a sax front line, the horns charge forward on the scorching “Mind Reset” with strong tenor work by Suncar on the danceable “Mas.” Some exciting tambourine work adds a festive percussive feel to “Anaise Pie” and “San Antonio” with Mende digging a deep pulse on each rivulet. Lots of sparks fly on this bright and buoyant session.

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