George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Known also for her work as a photographer, Lauren Desberg shows her vocal skills with a collection of musical snapshots with a team of Kris Bowers/p, Ben Shepherd/eb, Jonathan Barber/dr, Russell Hall/b, Braxton/ts and Andrew Renfroe/g. The songs are either originals, or original arrangements in a quirky and eclectic manner. Her voice is a bit of a wisp, reminiscent of Sia or Madeleine Peyroux in a bohemian vein, sweet and upbeat on the clear pulse delivered by the rhythm on “The Way You Feel Inside”  and the artsy “Something Wrong With Me” with extra synth and guitar work. Her multi-tracked voice is sweet with Bowers’ Tin Pan Alley tones for “Hold On” and the chimey “Falling Dominoes.”  Some thick bass bops on the quirky “Alone-In Love” and “Start Out Again.” She and the band show they can flex muscles as on the frenetic “The Choice” with urgent sax work from Cook, while a take of Fats Waller’s “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down” mixes synth and dainty piano with alluring cleverness. Substance and style meld well here.

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