George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Dreamy moods and atmospheres that pulsate are produced by Michael Eaton, who plays tenor and soprano sax with a core team of Brad Whiteley/p, Daniel Ori/b, Shareef Taher/dr and a collection of wide ranging guests that include guitarist Lionel Loueke and Brittany Anjou on vibes. The album is divided into essentially three parts. The four songs with Loueke create an exotic and rich mood, with Eaton’s warm tenor brewing on “Juno,” joining a dark caravan with Anjouduring “Antropocene” and delivering some elliptical post bop for “Cipher” and “Aphoristic.” A Brazilian lilt with voice on “the title track some Middle Eastern strings on “I And Thou” along with Eaton’s soprano for “Machine Eros” create a second environment. For the finale, a four part “Temporalities” has Eaton with an addendum of extra sax, trumpet, flute,  piano,  prepared piano, marimba and triangles. The themes sound like modern soundtracks, with a dark hues on the ominous “Part IV” with woodwinds, percussive rhythms on “Part III,” and thick textures for “Part I” and “Part II.” All three sounds are clear, clean and clever. Lots of successful ideas that never overstay their welcome.

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