George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Subtitled “Portraits of Women in Music,” this album has pianist Ellen Rowe with a double x chromosome team of Tia Fuller/as, Virginia Meyhew/ts, Lissa p arrott/bs, Janelle Reichman/cl, Ingrid Jensen/tp, Melissa Gardiner/tb, Marion Hayden-Marlene Rosenberg/b and Allison Miller/dr dedicating songs to various women of culture. A deep tribute to the late Geri Allen on “The Soul Keepers” is a joyfully funky pieces, while Fuller gives some gospel sweat on “Ain’t I A Women.” Reichman’s rich clarinet teams up with Rosenberg for a pastoral “Anthem” and the reeds coalesce for an elegant paene to Michelle Obama on “The First Lady (No, Not You, Melania).” Jensen’s horn is thoughtful on “The Guardians” and wondrous tones float for “R.F.P.” Classy and alluring, like all of the subjects of song.

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