By: George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Here’s a gorgeous and sensuous album by the team of Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini. Cressman sings in both English and soft Portuguese, melding her warm trombone with Faquini’s gracious acoustic guitar, who also adds vocals for harmony and a couple leads. The result is an intimate and gently swaying session that melds folk, Brazilia and gentle jazz in rich combinations of a tasty curry of sounds.

Rich themes and gentle strings meld guitar and brass to lush moments as Cressman’s warm nasal tone oozes on “Tere” and the folksy “Sereia.” Her English lyrics create a tender troubadour mood for the delicated “Setting Rays of Summer” and “My Heart Again Will Rise” as her trombone ruminates here and on the bluesy “Museu Nacional.” For His part, Faquini is impressionistic on “Uirapuru” in string and voiceand having fun on the duet “Mandingueira” creating luscious harmonies for the pastoral “Debandada.” Casual, unpretentious and as delicious as dipping your bread into a plate of fresh olive oil.

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