George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Bassist and composer Jake Leckie mixes a post bop team of Kenny Warren/tp-fh, Nathan Ellman-Bell/dr and Sebastien Ammann/p with a collection of guests including sax, voice, organ and a string section to create a rich sonic tapestry . The string trio adds Britten tones to the yearning “The Abode,” Evey Paige’s organ supports Warren on an evocative “Morning Sound” and vocalist Alexis Morrast gives a pop/R&B feel to “After The Flood.” With some African percussion in support, Leckie’s bass bops to a rumbling “Metis” and simmers on the modern sounding “Bam Bam” with a snappy “Negev” highlighted by Warren’s strong tone. Lots of variations, but always an attractive groove underneath for support.

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