NEW RELEASE: Sam Newsome to Release Solo Venture “Chaos Theory: Song Cycles for Prepared Saxophone” on June 3rd

April 2, 2019New Release, Press Releases

Saxophonist Sam Newsome Continues to Expand the Vocabulary of Soprano Saxophone on Chaos Theory: Song Cycles for Prepared Saxophone Release date: June 3, 2019 Soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome is proud to announce the June 3, 2019 release of his new solo saxophone recording, Chaos Theory: Song Cycles for Prepared Saxophone. This 15-track collection of original … Read More

JAZZ TIMES: Vanessa Rubin’s “The Dream Is You…” is Reviewed by Andrew Gilbert

April 1, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

Vanessa Rubin: The Dream Is You: Vanessa Rubin Sings Tadd Dameron (Nibur) A review of the singer’s album celebrating an overlooked modern jazz giant by Andrew Gilbert, Jazz Times More than a labor of love, The Dream of You is a reckoning, a polished-to-a-sheen tribute to bebop’s greatest orchestral mind. Like Tadd Dameron, vocalist/producer Vanessa Rubin came up … Read More

REVIEW: Audiophile Audition Reviews Meg Okura’s “Ima Ima”

April 1, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition There are many thematic elements to Ima Ima, the 57-minute, seven-track album from Meg Okura & the Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble. The title has two meanings. Ima is Hebrew for mom. In Japanese Ima can be defined as now or the present time. Other topics in Ima Ima comprise womanhood and motherhood; large-scale … Read More

REVIEW: JazzTimes Reviews Greg Ward’s “Stomping Off From Greenwood”

April 1, 2019Press Reel, Reviews

David Whiteis, JazzTimes If, as critic Larry Kart has postulated, jazz is “a form of self-enactment in sound,” then this “enactment” must become ambiguous, even contradictory, as the very concept of “self” in our culture becomes increasingly fluid and ineffable. Case in point: Stomping Off from Greenwood’s opener, “Metropolis,” which melds influences and identities with shape-shifting … Read More