By: Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

Jordan Pettay is a young Julliard graduate who makes her debut recording here, playing alto and soprano. Spirituality is a big part of her music and she plays several hymns during the set in respectful, attractive arrangements. She brings a subtly funky delivery to her soprano playing on “I Am Thine O Lord” and “I Exalt Thee” and is very moving in her soulful interpretation of “I Surrender All” over Christian Sands‘ swelling organ and piano. Elsewhere she shows her affection for two other very spiritual sax players, Wayne Shorterand John Coltrane. “For Wayne” is a lovely original with Pettay’s floating soprano gently supported by Sands, Luke Sellick and Jimmy Macbride while her alto is featured on a relaxed saunter through Coltrane’s “Straight Street.” Elsewhere she leads a swinging sextet, featuring Sands and trumpeter Mat Jodrell, on the hard bop of “Whatever Happens” and swoons through some throwback 70’s soul on The Stylistics’ “You Make Me Feel Brand New.” With this first effort, Jordan Pettay shows talent and promise.

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