Chris Spector, Midwest Record

JAKE LECKIE/Abode: Tricky cat there is here. He starts out making you think this a high tone classical oriented date and then shifts gears into the swinging bass ace he is. With a long history of getting things done on both sides of the glass, he really cuts loose here with a date that takes you back to the day without it being a stroll down memory lane. High octane throughout, there’s just as much steak here as there is sizzle. Well done.
(Outside In 1903)

ELLEN ROWE OCTET/Momentum Portraits of Women in Motion: From civil rights to Joni Mitchell, Ringmistress Rowe brings together some damn immanent women jazzbos that show they might play different stuff but they know how to play together when it’s called for. A wonderful trip throughout, music might be the international language but this set shows it’s (getting?) gender proof as well. Hot stuff.
(Smokin Sleddog 1158)

BIRCHHEAD: Here’s a nu jazzbo whose mash ups are just as much rooted in politics and activism as they are jazz modes streaming from past to present. A sure fingered sax man that has a clear vision of what he wants to express, this singularity of his message and vision will grab you as much as they playing. A grand voyage for nu ears and moldy figs willing to shake off the past and embraced the future. A killer wild ride.
(Ivory Antidote)

ON THE CORNER LIVE!- The Music of Miles Davis: Dave Liebman, the cat who was there might be the top liner here but the date was put together by Jeff Coffin who brought along Victor Wooten and Chester Thompson so as to make sure he could leave some impressive fingerprints on some pretty impressive work. With the vision of Liebman in full force on this date that was a turning point for Davis, do not mistake this for a trip down memory lane. The music here is as vital and full frontal as it ever was—and It’s no recreation, it’s the real thing on it’s own terms. Killer grooves throughout.
(Ear Up 426)

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