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Greg Ward Presents Rogue Parade

Stomping Off From Greenwood

There’s a menacing presence to the new one from Greg Ward. It gets in your face, and it chooses strength over subtlety more often than not. That’s what commands attention. But the slithery tempos and electronic idiosyncrasies are the sources of the album’s charm. Much as he did with his 2016 Charles Mingus project Touch My Beloved’s Thought, Ward deftly applies a delicate touch to a big sound, and by manipulating an uneasy alliance between brutish and eccentric expressions, the alto saxophonist manifests a work of a curiously riveting grace. His Rogue Parade quintet of drummer Quin Kirchner, bassist Matt Ulery, and guitarists Matt Gold and Dave Miller coalesce tiny pools of fascination and immediately go splashing through them.

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