Matt Micucci, Jazziz Magazine

Vivian Sessoms, “Strange Fruit”

Having earned her stripes as a performer with such acclaimed artists as Ryuichi Sakamoto, P. Diddy and Michael Jackson, accomplished Harlem-born singer Vivian Sessoms brings her vast array of experiences on her inspired, socially aware, jazz-influenced new album, Life. Her first LP in over ten years proves her a fiery, forward-thinking artist in her own right, and includes a searing rendition of “Strange Fruit,” the anti-lynching poem-turned-song made famous by Billie Holiday. “It was still relevant 30 years later when Nina Simone re-recorded it and we could never have foreseen that it would still be as relevant today,” Sessoms explains. “It literally haunted me and rang in my head every day until I decided to record it.”

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