13th Annual Jazz Critics Poll

Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Anniversary (ArtistShare)
Latin – Karl Ackerman  (All About Jazz)
New Releases – Russ Musto (New York City Jazz Record, DownBeat)



Henry Conerway III – With Pride For Dignity (Self-released)
New Releases – Richard B. Kamins (Step Tempest)
New Releases – Peter Quinn (Jazzwise, The Arts Desk)
Debut –  Richard B. Kamins (Step Tempest)
Debut – Elzy Kolb (Hot House)


Adi Meyerson – Where We Stand (A:M Records)
Debut – Hrayr Attarian (Jazziz, Chicago Jazz Magazine, All About Jazz)
Debut – Bob Weinberg (Jazziz)



Ralph Peterson & The Gen-Next Big Band – I Remember Bu: Alive Vol. 4 at Scullers (Onyx Productions)
Debut – Bob Blumenthal (Freelance)



Ralph Peterson & Aggregate Prime – Inward Venture: Alive Vol. 5 at the Side Door (Onyx Productions)
New Releases – Eugene Holley, Jr. (DownBeat, Publishers Weekly, Hot House, Chamber Music)



Geof Bradfield – Yes, And…Music for Nine Improvisers (Delmark Records)
New Releases – Troy Collins (All About Jazz, Point of Departure)




El Eco and Guillermo Nojechowicz – Puerto De Buenos Aires 1933 (ZOHO Music)
New Releases – Mark Holston (Jazziz, Latino)




Charles Pillow Large Ensemble – Electric Miles (MAMA Records)
New Releases – David Brent Johnson (Jazz Director and Night Lights host, WFIU)
New Releases – Josh Langhoff (The Cresset, Minneapolis City Pages, NorteñoBlog)



Tim Haldeman – Open Water As A Child (Woolgathering Records)
Debut – Michael G. Nastos (Hot House,WCBN-FM, Detroit Free Press, G1NBC.com, Michigan Music Hall of Fame)



Meg Okura, Sam Newsome & Jean-Michel Pilc – NPO Trio Live At The Stone (Chant Records)
New Releases – Elzy Kolb (Hot House)



Jordan Pettay – First Fruit (Outside In Music – 2019 Release)
Debut – Peter Quinn (Jazzwise, The Arts Desk)




Kevin Bales & Keri Johnsrud – Beyond the Neighborhood: The Music of Fred Rogers (GabNat)
New Releases – Jerome Wilson (All About Jazz, Radio Fairfax “The Outer View”)



Judi Silvano & The Zephyr Band – Lessons Learned (Unit Records)
New Releases – Alex Henderson (Salon, New York City Jazz Record, AlterNet, XBIZ, SHE Magazine, The Raw Story, The National Memo, The New Civil Rights Movement, Democratic Underground)


Andy Milne & Dapp Theory – The Seasons of Being (Sunnyside Records)
New Releases – Eugene Holley, Jr. (DownBeat, Publishers Weekly, Hot House, Chamber Music)



David Liebman, Tatsuya Nakatani and Adam Rudolph – The Unknowable (RareNoiseRecords)
New Releases – Michael J. Agovino (The Village Voice)
New Releases – Robert Iannapollo (Cadence, New York City Jazz Record, ARSC Journal)


David Liebman and John Stowell –Petite Fleur: The Music of Sidney Bechet (Origin Records)
New Releases – Dan Bilawsky (All About Jazz, JAZZed Magazine, JazzTimes)
New Releases – Ken Dryden (New York City Jazz Record, Hot House, All About Jazz)
New Releases – Scott Yanow (DownBeat, Jazziz, New York City Jazz Record, Los Angeles Jazz Scene, Syncopated Times)

David Liebman – Fire (Jazzline Records)
New Releases – Phillip Lutz (DownBeat)

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