Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

London Live (Artists Recording Collective) by the Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet — with drummer/producer/composer Siegel leading Erica Lindsay (tenor sax), Francesca Tanksley (piano) and Uli Langthaler (bass) on an eight-track show at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in England — is certainly worthy of repeated listening. It’s the type of set that the more you hear, the more you discover its intricacies. John Coltrane’s 1966 “Peace On Earth” may be a pipe dream today but it never sounded better.  The ancient African-American spiritual “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me” has such a haunting melody, even atheists will dig it (thankfully, it’s instrumental). The interplay, drawn out to almost seven minutes, is, in a word, stunning. In fact, the entire concert is filled with incendiary soloing and dazzling support underneath each solo. Wholeheartedly Recommended.

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