Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

Chord-less jazz bands walk a high wire with no net. Without the glue of either guitar or piano chording, the musicians have to weave their notes in and around each other creating a cohesive whole. On the mystifying, circuitous, complex, satisfying and wholly entertaining Night (Fresh Sounds Records), Brazilian/Israeli New Yorker Eden Bareket plays a dazzling baritone saxophone and a sinewy clarinet. His originals blur the line between improvisation and composition. Armed with bassist/brother Or Bareket and Chilean drummer Felix Lecaros (who are both totally attuned to his every tic, wiggle and percussive thump), he takes us on a nine-track trip through accessible avant-garde. “Canadian Sea Monster” is the highlight. Call it post-post-bop if you want. I just call it brilliant.

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