Working Between New York and Montreal, French-Canadian trumpeter and composer Rachel Therrien released her fourth album, Why Don’t You Try, last year on the Multiple Chord Music label. The album features a quintet of Montreal standouts, namely Simon Pagé on electric bass, Charles Trudel on piano, Alain Bourgeois on drums, and Benjamin Deschamps on saxophone. Today, Therrien releases the music video directed by the great Montreal producer Frédérique Bérubé for her single “Haydée Santamaria”, an inspired tribute to the Cuban revolutionary and politician. In Therrien’s own words: “Haydée Santamaria is one of the most influential people of the Cuban revolution. This inspiring woman gave her life for the cause she thought right and brought huge changes for women, for culture and for her values. I was reading her biography and was asking myself: ‘How come I didn’t know about her?’ The answer is simple: the place of a woman 50 years ago wasn’t the same as it is today. So I decided to write a piece in honor of Haydée and all the women how fought for gender equality and as inspiration for the women of today still fighting for a better future.” Watch the video below which aims to be “an artistic vision of several generations of inspiring women”.

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