REVIEW: Bird is the Worm Reviews Evan Salvacion Levine’s “Mestizo”

November 26, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm There’s a pleasant, breezy atmosphere to this trio session from bassist Evan Salvacion Levine, guitarist Matt Gold and drummer Andrew Green.  Pointed melodies are delivered with a casualness that almost belies their sharp precision.  That alone is pretty compelling, but the charm of the recording radiates from the rich rhythmic dialog the trio … Read More

REVIEW: Downbeat Reviews Matt Ulery’s “Sifting Stars”

November 25, 2018Press Reel, Reviews

Hilary Brown, Downbeat Is it possible to package an experience as epic as an orchestra and engaging as a museum gallery for the jazz listener? Chicago bassist Matt Ulery has made the effort and proved himself a master of the macabre in the process. Sifting Stars is an arthouse opus, rethinking jazz structure, beauty and … Read More

REVIEW: Bird is the Worm Reviews Adison Evans’ “Meridian”

November 23, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm There’s a straightforward expressiveness to the latest from Adison Evans that is seriously refreshing.  There’s nothing over the top on Meridian.  It’s got some tunes that groove, some that gently sway, others that bop along, and even some classical influence here and there… but all of it falls within the expected range … Read More

REVIEW: UK Vibe Reviews Matt Ulery’s “Sifting Stars”

November 19, 2018Press Reel, Reviews

Ian Ward, UK Vibe This is Matt Ulery’s eighth album since his debut in 2008. He’s a bassist, composer, band-leader and is very big and very busy in the Chicago jazz scene. He has gained accolades with recent works such as “By a Little Light”, “Wake anEcho” and “In the Ivory” on the Greenleaf Music … Read More

NEW RELEASE: Greenleaf Music To Release “Stomping Off From Greenwood”, New Music from Greg Ward and his Rogue Parade Ensemble [Out 01/11/19]

November 19, 2018New Release, Press Releases, Special Announcement

Greenleaf Music is proud to announce the January 11th release of Stomping Off From Greenwood, the fourth album from alto saxophonist and composer Greg Ward. Considered one of the most versatile saxophonists of his generation, the bandleader, composer and arranger is proud to launch his new group Rogue Parade with the release of this new … Read More

FEATURE: Bird is the Worm Features Woolgathering Records

November 19, 2018Features, Press Reel, Reviews

Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm Matt Ulery has opened things up on his label Woolgathering Records in 2018.  With many musician-run labels there tends to be a certain homogeneity, a sonic cross-pollination from the same musicians appearing on each of the releases, and the only real difference is whose compositions are utilized and the name in large … Read More