Doug Ramsey, Arts Journal

New York City is still the jazz capital of the world. For about a century, young musicians have gone there from nearly every country to be in the midst of the growth and ferment of music that is in a constant state of change and challenge. The baritone saxophonist Eden Bareket is relatively new to the city. Bareket was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Israel and has been a New Yorker since 2013. The trio featuring him, his bassist brother, Or, and Chilean drummer Felix Lecaros is in growing demand as a unit, and its members get frequent calls for assorted individual gigs on the New York scene. In command of the baritone sax from its lowest register to the altissimo range, Bareket’s new album Night also demonstrates his scope as a composer. All of the pieces are his except Matti Caspi’s “Lost Melody,” which Bareket arranged. “Baccatum” illustrates his touch as a composer, the solo abilities of all three, and the group interaction that enlivens every track. In addition to the CD version, they recorded it in a YouTube video.

Let’s hear it for musical internationalism.

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