Itai Kriss‘s new album, Telavana, beautifully combines latin and middle eastern rhythms and melodies in the most uncontrived way possible, highlighting the excellent musicianship of all the players involved.

Telavana features Itai Kriss on flute, Michael Rodriguez on trumpet, Cesar Orozco on piano, Or Bareketon bass, Marcos Lopez on percussion, Dan Aran on drums, Yosvanny Terry on shekere, and Tamer Pinarbasi on qanun.

Join me and Itai as we talk the album and many other things.


  • Itai Kriss “Sahadi’s Serenade” from Telavana (Avenue K Records) 13:00
  • Itai Kriss “Shabazi/ Buttered Scones and Tea / Azules” from Telavana (Avenue K Records) 13:50
  • Itai Kriss “Para Venezuela” from Telavana (Avenue K Records) 50:44

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