REVIEW: Textura Reviews Phil Schurger’s “The Waters Above”

October 15, 2018Features, Reviews

Ron Schepper, Textura Each of the six track titles on Phil Schurger’s second ears&eyes Records release, The Waters Above, holds special significance for the guitarist. For instance, “Anikulapo,” a Yoruban word meaning “He who carries death in a pouch,” resonated with Schurger because of several early brushes he had with death, experiences that crystallized for him … Read More

REVIEW: Argonauta (Italy) Reviews Rob Clearfield’s “Wherever You’re Starting From”

October 15, 2018Features, Reviews

Roberto Binda, Argonauta Magazine Un rifugio, uno spazio intimo dove rifugiarsi dal caos della metropoli. Un luogo della memoria, dove tornare e riappropriarsi di quello che nella frenesia del vivere quotidiano rischiava di essere smarrito. Cose importanti come la semplicità e la spontaneità, che per quanto in una dimensione individuale ti rendano più vulnerabile, sono … Read More

REVIEW: Midwest Record Reviews Gene Ess’ “Apotheosis”

October 13, 2018Features, Reviews

Chris Spector, Midwest Record GENE ESS/Apotheosis: The jazz guitarist that’s been making some compelling records for a while now veers off to a spiritual track saluting those who endure. The music is more inner directed than past releases but no less accessible and doesn’t trail into new age territories. A different kind of set that … Read More

REVIEW: Jazz Weekly Reviews Jeff Siegel’s “London Live”

October 11, 2018Features, Reviews

George Harris, Jazz Weekly Drummer Jeff “Siege” Siegel brings his quartet of Erica Lindsay/ts, Francesca Tanksley/p and UliLanghthaler/b to London for a 2010 gig at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. Siegel uses his sticks, brushes and parts of the drum kit to guide and coax the band to excellent effect. His cymbals create a nice … Read More

REVIEW: JazzTimes Reviews Geof Bradfield’s “Yes, and…Music for Nine Improvisers”

October 10, 2018Features, Reviews

Dan Bilawsky, JazzTimes The acts of spontaneous creation and development associated with improvisational theater are clearly homologous with the ideals of jazz. Sometimes it just takes a supremely creative spirit like saxophonist/composer Geof Bradfield to illuminate that fact. Alternating between numbers featuring different trio configurations and works for nonet, Yes, and … Music for Nine Improvisers highlights … Read More

Keyon Harrold’s Multinational Fall/ Winter Dates: Headliners, Festivals & Panels

October 9, 2018Event Announcement, Special Announcement

Listed by Rolling Stone as one of “10 New Artists You Need To Know Now”, the revolutionary Keyon Harrold is proud to close 2018 with the announcement of several performances and appearances! With dates in San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Paris, Israel and South Africa, the self-described “social music activist” and trumpeter … Read More