Nelson Brill, Boston Concert Reviews

Emma Frank, Ocean Ave [Susan Records;]. Frank’s original songs hit the bullseye of breezy pop and effervescent jazz. Her voice is a soft, breathy marvel as she climbs high with supple confidence (on her “Magnolia”; “Best Friend” and the wondrous title track). She also imbues beautiful soft ballads, such as her “Sunless Morning,” and “Good morning, Good night”with supple phrasing to illuminate her big hearted lyrics. The band is superb in their sympathetic partnership. Frank is always in flowing sync with the flutter and beauty of keyboardist Aaron Parks (and his keen explorations); Rick Rosato’s pungent bass and Jim Black’s percussive engine. This is a dreamscape of beauty and the recording is superb in capturing all of the shifting tones and colors of this lithe, swaying and penetrating music.

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