George Harris, Jazz Weekly

The mix of flutist Itai Kriss and the band Telavana (Michael Rodriguez/tp, Cesar Orozco/p, Or Bareket/b, Marcos Lopez/perc and Dan Aran/dr) create a rich salsa mix of sounds and grooves on this alluring album. Kriss’ warm woodwind floats over the simmering percussion on pieces such as “Havana Sp ecial,” “Sahadi’s Serenade,” and when mixed with Rodriguez’s autumnal trumpet, romantic bop serenades the ears on “Mafroum” and “Azules.” The team percolates with Orozco’s piano on “Para Venezuela” and the dramatic “Shabazi” with extra percussion by Tamer Pinarbasi” while bass and ivories dance and prance on the joyful “Hong Kong Overture.” Picante with a dash of sugar cane.

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