REVIEW: Downbeat Reviews Adison Evans’ “Meridian”

August 22, 2018Features, Reviews

Denise Sullivan, Downbeat Fresh off a gig with Beyoncé and Jay Z, and living in Tuscany, Juilliard-trained baritone saxophonist Adison Evan returns for a second outing that’s more traditional than her touring experience might indicate. Meridian, as in the pathways to connectivity,  is Evan’s homage to nature’s vitality: Think of cool breezes, blades of grass … Read More

INTERVIEW: WBGO’s The Checkout Interviews Emma Frank at Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

August 20, 2018Interviews, Radio/Podcasts

Simon Rentner, WBGO Today’s show unfolds in two parts. First Joe Lovano shares his appreciation of fellow tenor saxophonist Ben Webster, whom he first learning about his while growing up in Cleveland, OH. (Lovano expressed his appreciation many years later with an original blues, “Big Ben.”) Then we’ll take you to the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival … Read More

REVIEW: Charles Pillow’s “Electric Miles” Gets a 4.5 Star Review From Jazz Artistry Now

August 20, 2018Features, Reviews

Scott Yanow, Jazz Artistry Now The upcoming 50th anniversary of Miles Davis’ groundbreaking Bitches Brew album served as a perfect excuse for altoist Charles Pillow to arrange new versions of some of Mr. Davis’ repertoire from that era. But unlike most other electric Miles tribute projects, the results are much different than one might expect. Charles Pillow, who is originally … Read More

Personal loans and debt consolidation

August 20, 2018Features

In thе last dесаdе, personal lоаnѕ hаvе bесоmе muсh mоrе common—for small рrоjесtѕ, bіg but nоt huge purchases, and fоr debt соnѕоlіdаtіоn. Tаkіng оut a реrѕоnаl loan tо рау оff hіgh-іntеrеѕt credit саrd dеbt mау ѕоund like аn еаѕу аnd ѕіmрlе solution, but іt ѕhоuldn’t bе done lіghtlу. Dеbt rерауmеnt іѕ аѕ muсh аbоut a … Read More

LUCID CULTURE: Violinist Meg Okura Brings Her Kaleidoscopic Melodic Sorcery to Jazz at Lincoln Center

August 19, 2018Features

Alan Young, Lucid Culture  Anne Drummond’s flute wafts over Brian Marsella’s uneasily rippling, neoromantic piano as the opening title track on violinist Meg Okura‘s Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble’s new album, Ima Ima gets underway. Then the piano gives way to Riza Printup’s spare harp melody before the rest of the orchestra waltz in elegantly. That … Read More