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Composer, producer, engineer, and bassist Scott Petito has released Rainbow Gravity, a new album featuring an all-star cast of musicians. His music comes to life thanks to saxophonist Bob Mintzer trumpeter Chris Pasin, guitarist David Spinozza, keyboardists Rachel Z, David Sancious and Warren Bernhardt, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, and percussionist Bashiri Johnson. Petito also got to live out the bass player’s dream by recruiting drummers Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine, Simon Phillips, and Omar Hakim.

Fellow bassist Mark Egan weighed in on the album, saying, “Scott has assembled some of the finest creative musicians in the world to participate in this tour de force musical journey. Not only did Scott perform, record and produce this music but he also composed most of the songs. Check out his fine piccolo bass solos. This project is bursting with creativity.”

Check out Petito’s playing with Erskine, Rachel Z, and Mainieri on “Lawns”:

Rainbow Gravity is available now as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon MP3

Rainbow Gravity Track List:

  1. Sly-Fi
  2. The Sequence of Events
  3. A Balsamic Reduction
  4. The Sanguine Penguin
  5. Masika
  6. Dark Pools
  7. Rainbow Gravity
  8. Helicon
  9. Lawns
  10. Symbol Bells

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